[BusyBox] kernel panic

Michael N. Moran mike at mnmoran.org
Tue Aug 16 17:32:24 UTC 2005

aurelien wrote:
> Hello
> I try to run a root fs with qemu.
> I use busybox.
> After mount root file, I have this error :
> /sbin/init:432: cannot open dev/console:
> kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
> What does it means?

I ran into a similar problem a few days ago as I was attempting
to change my snapgear box from using a cramfs root file-system
to using an NFS based root file-system.

As others have said, "/dev/console" was missing. However, in my
case the entire "/dev" file-system was missing. The problem was
that I simply copied the snapgear romfs tree, which contains some
specially named versions of the device nodes instead of actual
device nodes. IIRC, the cramfs uses these special files (they have
an @ prefix) to create the actual device nodes. This avoids the
need to be root during the build process. (the mknod command,
used to create device nodes requires root priviledges).

My solution was (as root) to mount the cramfs ramdisk as a loop device
and then copy the devices into the NFS mounted /dev directory for
my target on my NFS server machine.

I hope this helps...

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