[BusyBox] [PATCH] kill error message

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Aug 16 17:37:51 UTC 2005

On Monday 15 August 2005 15:33, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Monday 15 August 2005 03:27 am, Vladimir N. Oleynik wrote:
> > Rob,
> >
> > >> The attached patch fixes the error message when trying to kill a
> > >> non-existing pid in ash
> > >>
> > >> BEFORE
> > >> # kill 1234
> > >> kill: 1: m
> >
> > I do not know, you use what libc, but the busybox project in many places
> > uses "%m" opportunity.
> hrm, we should see about pruning %m from all of busybox imho
> -mike

I don't strongly care one way or another.  To me the underlying problem we 
have here is:

1) We have the libbbb/*perror* functions, which are designed to handle this.

2) Ash doesn't use 'em.  It has its' own sh_warnx() infrastructure which is 
duplicative and not size-optimized at all.

3) Ash is more or less close to dash; do we want to diverge?

4) None of this provides bash extensions people use all over the place.  We 
don't even have the option for that.

5) Merging just the lash/msh/hush/ash we have now requires writing a new 
shell, which is a project I'm now poking at the edges of.  Shell stress test 
cases would be nice.

I'm much more interested in fixing the shell situation as my next big project 
than worrying about the fact somebody who doesn't speak english is upset 
about the text in the contents of a call to gratuitously duplicated 

I have no objections to reverting the patch, but I'm off looking at lash and 
seeing if untangling it makes a good basis for a shell rewrite, or if 
starting over from scratch is best.  (Paring down ash is not a happy thing to 
attempt.  I looked.  I'll be looking more...)


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