[BusyBox] [RFC] enforce using functions from libbb

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Mon Aug 15 14:44:21 UTC 2005

On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 09:30:22AM -0500, Jason Schoon wrote:
>I like it, I was wanting to write something very similar myself. There is a 
>great deal of space savings that can be had very simply by just utilizing 
>the builtin BB functions.
>I'll have to give it a test run on my next porting effort.

Great. While the patch is useful for porting new applets, it also is
ment to incourage anyone to cleanup the existing code-base. There are
alot of places which IMHO should peruse the functions from libbb instead
of the "naked" calls, as the janitorial section calls it.

Any help in cleaning up the codebase with or without the help of this
patch is very welcome (from my POV at least).

>On 8/15/05, Bernhard Fischer <rep.nop at aon.at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> libbb provides a number of wrappers for commonly used functions.
>> The attached proposed patch tries to make developers aware to use the
>> functions provided by libbb.
>> It's config option is located in the "Debugging" section of menuconfig.
>> The intention of this patch is to aid folks in porting new applets and
>> to encourage people to reuse existing infrastructure.
>> Furthermore, docs/contributing.txt in section "Janitorial Work" reads:
>> Replace any "naked" calls [...] with the x* equivalents found in libbb
>> [...].

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