[BusyBox] error while loading shared libraries

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Aug 9 12:02:19 UTC 2005

On Monday 08 August 2005 15:50, mcnernbm at notes.udayton.edu wrote:
> I am trying to run a custon application on using the 2.4.26 kernel on a
> ppc.  And I am using a Cross compiler to compile the kernel , my custom
> application, and busybox.   But When I try to run my app I get the
> follwoing message.

You're having toolchain issues (with your cross-compiler).  This has nothing 
to do with busybox.  (Are you using uclibc, or glibc?  Did you configure the 
cross-compiler yourself, or get it from somewhere?)


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