[BusyBox] builtin echo for ash

Jason Schoon floydpink at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 03:29:20 UTC 2005


What currently happens when you have ash and echo both turned on, and
then go turn on CONFIG_ASH_BUILTIN_ECHO?  Does the standalone echo
still get built as well?

(I know I'm a bit lazy and should just build it, but I don't have a
development machine to muck with where I'm at)

I'm just curious if the two should be mutually exclusive or not. 
Would there be a need ever for the standalone if you have it built
into the shell?


On 8/5/05, Paul Fox <pgf at brightstareng.com> wrote:
>  > > one other implementation question:  moving the echo code into
>  > > libbb/bb_echo.c now requires that CONFIG_FANCY_ECHO be accessible
>  > > from somewhere other than just the coreutils config menu, since
>  > > you might want to configure the builtin echo without configuring
>  > > the echo applet.  i wasn't sure how to handle this, so i simply
>  > > duplicated the CONFIG_FANCY_ECHO option into the ash config menu.
>  > > this isn't right -- what should i do instead?
>  >
>  > i dont think the duplication will be that big of a deal ... but i dont know
>  > kconfig will handle it :)
> busybox menuconfig handles it surprisingly well -- not only does
> it only emit one instance of the option, but it's impossible to
> set the two instances of the option to different values.  whether
> it was intentional or not, it's exactly the right behavior.  i just
> don't like duplicating the menu text in two places.
> paul
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