[BusyBox] Set cursor off

Zeisberger, Uwe Uwe_Zeisberger at digi.com
Fri Aug 5 06:31:45 UTC 2005


> > What I am looking for is terminal code, yes, because my 
> > problem is that QT/Embedded has a black point on the screen, 
> > which is the terminal cursor.
> > So, it has nothing to do with the mouse cursor (but thank you Rob).
> i'm a little confused.  if qt/embedded is running, then the 
> framebuffer is in graphics mode, right?  then the only cursor you 
> should see is a mouse cursor.  how could a character cursor appear 
> in that mode?
We saw the same here (with framebuffer in graphics mode and linux-2.6.11).

The quick and dirty hack was to mangle fb_flashcursor (in
drivers/video/console/fbcon.c) not to call ops->cursor.

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