[BusyBox] Set cursor off

Rainer Weikusat rainer.weikusat at sncag.com
Thu Aug 4 10:35:22 UTC 2005

Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> writes:
> On Wednesday 03 August 2005 02:01, Bardon Damien wrote:
>> Hi,
>> So I look at `man console_codes` and try a lot of think, and can't disable
>> any console cursor. I don't understand why echo -e "\033[?25l" do nothing.
>> I'd really like not to install setterm and ncurses just for these features.
> Keep in mind that setterm and ncurses are user-space things that have to talk 
> to the kernel somehow (output an escape sequence, call an ioctl, etc).  If 
> you read through their source code and figure out what it is they're doing, 
> you can do that directly.

No. Please keep in mind that some people do not use Mr Landley's
laptop (which has only emulated PC-console terminals), but may be
using "other operating systems", which emulate different terminals
(NetBSD can be configured to offer Sun-compatible control codes, the
FreeBSD ANSI subset is sufficently different from the Linux-one that
display distortions are not uncommon), may use terminal emulators
(thanks for breaking minicom-support in vi ...) or even real
terminals, so if you are not specifically writing software for Mr
Landley's Laptop, you should at least offer your users an option
to turn of the garbage your software has chosen to dump on their
display devices because Mr Landley's laptop once had an operating
system installled that was believed to process them somehow.

That said, it is entirely appropriate to willfully chose to support
only Linux virtual consoles but then please document this clearly so
that people which may have a different environment can stay away from
your code easily.

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