[BusyBox] unzip.c: change "accept" to "zaccept"

Stefan Weilhartner whylee at whylee.at
Wed Aug 3 14:56:55 UTC 2005

Hi Paul!

A few days ago i tested the unzip from the tagged version busybox_1_00_rc3.
It showed the same behavior as the busybox_1_00_pre8.
i think about 95% of our zip-archives are working good but a few zipped files
show the error "Invlaide zip magic" while unzipping.

I don't know, if there is a bug in the old busybox-unzip-source-code or is
there a bug in the zip-file (i think it was buildt with a pkzip under dos).
Maybe this bug only comes to light when busybox runs on our arm7 (big-endian vs. little-endian troubles???)

But what i know is, that with the new unzip.c (from the trunk) all zip-archives are working good.
(the only thing what i need to know is a parameter for the new unzip that it does not ask
for overwriting on existing files)

If you want to have such a zip-archive for testing purpose which makes troubles, let me know.
I'll try to find one and put it on my webserver.


Paul Fox schrieb:

>i think i understand what was being fixed here, but i'm surprised --
>we've been using the unzip patches against 1.00 for months now,
>and haven't seen any problems.  which applets were breaking?
> > r10974 | vapier | 2005-07-30 03:30:26 -0400 (Sat, 30 Jul 2005) | 1 line
> >
> > rename the accept/reject names since accept overrides the 
> > accept() socket function 
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