[BusyBox] Very important solution: Autoconfig Networking after boot does not work in busybox-1.00-rc1 and Solution for unzip

Stefan Weilhartner whylee at whylee.at
Wed Aug 3 13:42:32 UTC 2005

Hi Volks!

Here we used busybox-version 1.00pre8 for a long time.
But unzip is not working in all cases (on our Arm7-plattform).
I tried several tagged Version, but only the actual unzip code (checked 
in on 20, July, i guess) is really working.

But another problem occured:
In version busybox1.00-rc2 network is not set up correct anymore.
After booting i have no eth0-interface anymore!

I use the script /etc/init.d/S40network :
  # Start the network....
  start() {
        echo "Starting network..."
        /sbin/ifup -a
        echo "Show Network settings"
        /sbin/ifconfig -a

I found out, that the 'ifup -a' command is not working as in revisions 
After searching a while for the smelly patch if found the patch for the file
networking/ifupdown.c from  working revision 8894 to non-working 
revision 8895.

The smelly code is in the function execute_all:
Eliminate these lines:
- if ((*exec)(buf) !) 1) {
-    return 0;
- }

(btw: in that file returncode '0' means error and '1' means no_error, 
that is a little strange there)
it is no error if no script is in the directory /etc/network/if-.... so 
the function 'execute_all' alwalys has to return 1 (no error).
If it does return an error, the function 'iface_up' will break and the 
interface does not come up.

So, making busybox_1_00_rc3 work with correct interface settings at 
bootup: eliminate the three lines in 'execute_all'.
And making busybox 1_00_rc3 witch correct working 'unzip' copy following 
three files from the actual trunk
to your rc3-directory:

Maybe it's time for a Busybox_1_00_rc4 with these changes?

Hope you can use this infos.


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