[BusyBox] Re: busybox-cvs Digest, Vol 29, Issue 4

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Aug 2 15:21:28 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 02 August 2005 08:29, Paul Fox wrote:
> archives and the bug system.  rob recently got a whole bunch
> of energy (and a new laptop, i think :-), and started going

A new laptop with a World of Warcraft partition, which alas has caused 
innumerable delays in my busybox hacking.

That said, I've been banging on umount all night, and found huge cans of worms 
I forgot I left unifinshed.  (Sigh...)

1.0.1-rc2 is blocked behind getting the mount rewrite in, unless somebody else 
wants to take a stab at it first...

>  > > +  /* there is no way for bb_getopt_ulflags() to
>  > > +   * return us the argument string for long options
>  > > +   * which don't have a short option equivalent.
>  >
>  > Its False. Have way: using non printable short option.
> yes, you and i talked about this before, and i remember your
> solution.  i consider it unacceptable to write programs which
> have hidden unexpected features on the command line.  if the
> option processing api changes, i'm happy to change the ls code to
> use it.

Relying on non-printable characters to never be input or output tends to 
combine really really badly with internationalization.  (Of course nobody 
should call cat -^H anyway, but still.  Ugly.)


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