[BusyBox] hotplug problem

bgerard bgerard at axalto.com
Tue Aug 2 12:48:11 UTC 2005


I'm working on an embeded system with linux kernel 2.4.27 and busybox 
1.00. Lately I've decided to add hotplug feature to my kernel in order 
to automaticaly mount usb keys.

When I plug the usb key, I can see in the kernel debug that 
"/sbin/hotplug" is called but my script is not executed. I've tried to 
replace the hotplug script by a simple one but nothing appeared. Here is 
my script :
echo "usb key un/plugged"

The script is working when I run it myself (./sbin/hotplug )

I've also noticed that when kmod try to call modprobe, it's not executed 
while the debug message says that everything went fine.

Can anyone help me ?
Thanks in advance.

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