[BusyBox] What does it mean when I find bugs in the standard mount?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Aug 2 08:31:53 UTC 2005

So I'm testing the behavior of my mount against the util-linux mount in 
ubuntu, and guess what?  The util-linux mount goes _nuts_ in some obvious 
corner cases.  Try this:

mkdir ram
mkdir bind
mkdir move
mke2fs /dev/ram0
mount /dev/ram0 ./ram
mount --bind ram ./bind
mount --move bind move
umount bind

That last command umounts "ram" and "move", even though A) it wasn't asked to, 
B) there's nothing mounted on bind.  It did this because "/etc/mtab" got 
confused.  This is another reason to just symlink that to /proc/filesystems 
(which my rewrite makes work very very well, thanks.  Including with loopback 

Right: _my_ version works properly, which is all I'm focusing on at present...

Still working on it.  I'll post wherever I get to before stopping for the 
night (morning, or possibly early afternoon by that point with enough 
caffeine), even if it's not actually quite done yet...


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