[BusyBox] Re: busybox-cvs Digest, Vol 29, Issue 4

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Tue Aug 2 06:27:22 UTC 2005


What for you commiting all patches successively?

> +		/* there is no way for bb_getopt_ulflags() to
> +		 * return us the argument string for long options
> +		 * which don't have a short option equivalent.

Its False. Have way: using non printable short option.

> commiting:
>     0000073: Add option to inetd applet to run in foreground
> this option was already there for uclinux -- this just exposes
> it in the normal case as well.

Idioten patch. Absolytelly unecessary.
Inetd make daemons itself, and foreground usage is hack special
uclibc ONLY.


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