[BusyBox] awk patch

Dmitry Zakharov dmit at crp.bank.gov.ua
Wed Oct 29 18:11:32 UTC 2003


here is a patch to awk applet that fixes two bugs:
- END block didn't execute after an exit() call
- huge memory consumption and performance degradation on large input (now
performance is comparable to gawk)

I'm still in doubt about the bug reported by Dave Updegraff (with double 
to int
conversion when cross-compiling from Solaris to soft-float ppc405). I 
think, in
this case simple casting is enough and should work properly. Otherwise 
it would
always require libm.so and make applet code very painful (there are tens of
conversions).  Is this way right?

dmit at crp.bank.gov.ua

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