[BusyBox] Is httpd capable of file upload ?

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Tue Oct 28 15:07:23 UTC 2003


>> BTW: Should we "port" and include trollftpd into busybox?
> I puted port to busybox style troll-ftpd to 
> ftp://ftp.simtreas.ru/pub/bb/new

It seems to work. Thanks.

But I expierience the same problem I had with the original Troll FTPD:

# create a subdirs with files on your FTP server
# use Microsoft Explorer, enter this dir and delete all files
# now go one level up and try to delete the dir.
-> I get "550 Could not delete total 1: No such file or directory"

So you can delete dirs with files in it. But you can't delete an empty dir.
Reason for that seems to be the function listdir():

	wrstr( f, "total 1\r\n", NULL );      /* so what is total anyway */

So I had to delete this line:
+#if 0  /* this confuses M$ Explorer when directory is empty */
         wrstr( f, "total 1\r\n" );      /* so what is total anyway */


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