[BusyBox] gethostbyname returns NULL

Raghu BK raghu_bk at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 27 20:02:43 UTC 2003


I'm new to this mailing list. Let me introduce the project I'm working on in 
brief. We have a custom board based on PXA255, RLTK 8139 ethernet 
controller. I'm using the following version of busybox on Linux version:

# busybox
BusyBox v0.60.2 (2003.03.04-23:49+0000) multi-call binary

Linux Version 2.4.17-rmk3-cot1

Problem Description:

I'm trying to port pdnsd (proxy dns server) to our custom board. On invoking 
pdnsd, it fails to do gethostbyname(), getprotobyname(), getservbyname(). 
The file permissions for the respective files in /etc are fine. I wrote a 
simple program which calls the above mentioned APIs, and my simple test 
program also fails. I see the same failure, these APIs returns NULL pointer. 
Surprisingly strerror(errno) returns "Success" & sometimes it returns 
"Inappropriate ioctl for device" or "job control turned off".

Busybox also uses gethostbyname() API in ping.c file, it does not encounter 
this error. I searched the net for the errors that I'm getting, and there 
were references to similar problems when using busybox. Wonder if anyone on 
this list encountered similar problems, if yes how did you resolve the 
problem. Appreciate your help in resolving this issue, I've been stuck with 
this problem since few days now.


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