[BusyBox] Feature and help request for busybox modprobe applet

Andrew Dennison andrew.dennison at motec.com.au
Mon Oct 27 00:52:43 UTC 2003

Unfortunately my contribution to modprobe was just a quick hack to solve a
problem I was having with module dependencies. I only worked out the bare
minimum of the code to fix this one issue, so I probably should not be
listed as an author...


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> Subject: [BusyBox] Feature and help request for busybox modprobe applet
> Hi,
> I'm writing to you as authors of the busybox modprobe applet to
> make a feature request
> as I was not able to code this features myself.
> To make it short: in busybox-1.0-pre3 a devfsd applet ported by
> me was added .
> At the moment it doesn't support MODLOAD , CFUNCTION and
> MFUNCTION keywords
> in devfsd.conf, but to add support for MODLOAD which i find
> useful is easy and I've a
> working patch already
> The point is that this doen't work with busybox's modprobe as it calls:
> /sbin/modprobe -k -C /etc/modules.devfs  $something.
> To add -C switch to modprobe seems not so difficult,
> (i've done this and seems to work), -k is supported,
> but for a correct parsing of   /etc/modules.devfs more
> code is needed as there is no support for "probeall"
> and "include" keywords.
> I've looked at the modutils source to try to implement
> this myself but the code is very different so I was not able
> to do it.
> Any suggestions , help or flames are welcome.
> Best regards and thanks in advance,
> Ciao,
> Tito
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