[BusyBox] '/usr/bin/env -i' = Segmentation fault

Martin Kourim martin.kourim at uhk.cz
Sun Oct 26 15:19:00 UTC 2003

Package: busybox
Version: 1.00-pre3

When I execute Busybox '/usr/bin/env -i' it produces Segmentation fault.

Part of Busybox env --help output:
        -, -i   start with an empty environment

Option '-' works fine. GNU env works fine with both '-i' and '-' options.

On my Busybox/Linux distribution (uClibc 0.9.20) in chroot environment
on Debian stable (kernel 2.4.21 Celeron at 466MHz) or classically on DIMM
PC (kernel 2.4.20 AMD at 66MHz) - Busybox env:

busybox# env -i
busybox# echo $?
busybox# 139
busybox# env -
busybox# echo $?
busybox# 0

Thank you very much for Busybox and uClibc!

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