[BusyBox] Warning: Unable to open an initial console. Linux/BusyBox/jffs2/Hitachi SH-4(7750R)

Vova vovik at redwhitearmy.com
Sun Oct 26 05:29:24 UTC 2003


I’m experiencing a very weird problem. Running Linux 2.4.20 or 2.4.22 on 
Hitachi SH-4(7750R) processor with latest jffs2 as a root , latest 
busybox.stable/tinylogin, getty on /dev/console and ash.
After testing and rebooting my target several times (it may happen after 
hours of testing) I suddenly receive a message:” Warning: Unable to open 
an initial console.”, which means what /dev/console cannot be opened, so 
getty cannot start. I still can telnet to the target and what I stated is 
that /dev/console changed major/minor numbers from official (and initial) 
5,1 to 0,5. After that, I’m unable to open some other char-drivers.
I’d appreciate any ideas/tips how-to track this problem down.


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