[BusyBox] Feature and help request for busybox modprobe applet

Tito farmatito at tiscali.it
Sun Oct 26 15:36:58 UTC 2003

I'm writing to you as authors of the busybox modprobe applet to make a feature request
as I was not able to code this features myself.

To make it short: in busybox-1.0-pre3 a devfsd applet ported by me was added .
At the moment it doesn't support MODLOAD , CFUNCTION and MFUNCTION keywords 
in devfsd.conf, but to add support for MODLOAD which i find useful is easy and I've a 
working patch already

The point is that this doen't work with busybox's modprobe as it calls:

/sbin/modprobe -k -C /etc/modules.devfs  $something.

To add -C switch to modprobe seems not so difficult,
(i've done this and seems to work), -k is supported,
but for a correct parsing of   /etc/modules.devfs more
code is needed as there is no support for "probeall"
and "include" keywords.
I've looked at the modutils source to try to implement
this myself but the code is very different so I was not able
to do it.

Any suggestions , help or flames are welcome.
Best regards and thanks in advance,


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