[BusyBox] interactive script at shutdown, inittab

Karsten Kruse tecneeq at gmx.net
Sat Oct 25 16:55:17 UTC 2003


i made two floppys to boot linux. Everything works fine, except my
inittab. I use latest uClibc and busybox 1.something-pre3.

I want to let the user make some changes to a file at boottime. The system
reads ip, keymap and such things from that file. I thought it might handy
to save that file to read it at next boot again.

To let the user make the changes i present a menu at boottime that asks if
he would like to edit the file with vi or load a previously edited file.
He does that and gets the login. Works fine.

At shutdown i want to ask the user if he wants to save the changes to that
file, for that i wrote a small shell-script:

until [ $cnf_halt_done = 1 ] ; do
  echo "Do you want to save your current configuration to floppy so you"
  echo "can restore it when you boot the next time?"
  echo ""
  echo " 1 -> Save configuration to Bootfloppy"
  echo " 2 -> Skip that"
  echo ""
  read -p "Choose a number: " reply
  case $reply in
    1) /usr/sbin/modules/sys_conf_save && cnf_halt_done=1 ;;
    2) cnf_halt_done=1 ;;
    *) cnf_halt_done=0 ;;

This is what i have in my inittab:

# To do before rebooting
::shutdown:/sbin/rcS stop

/sbin/rcS calls "/etc/init.d/system stop", that calls

Now, if the user types his choice he gets:

-sh 1: command not found. Of course, the user is still logged in, so his
tty grabs the 1, not /dev/console.

Any idea how i can cleanly logout all users before i call the script?


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