[BusyBox] undefined reference to `sys_siglist'

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Tue Oct 21 12:16:10 UTC 2003


> When i'm trying to compile Busybox-0.60.5 with mips-linux-uclibc , it's giving error like...
> [root at Linux5 busybox-0.60.5]# make
> mips-uclibc-gcc -s -Wl,-warn-common --static -o busybox ash.o basename.o 
> cat.o chgrp.o chmod.o chown.o chroot.o chvt.o clear.o cmdedit.o 
> cp.o cut.o date.o dd.o df.o dirname.o dmesg.o du.o echo.o env.o 
> find.o free.o grep.o gunzip.o gzip.o halt.o head.o id.o init.o kill.o 
> klogd.o ln.o logger.o ls.o lsmod.o mkdir.o mknod.o mkswap.o modprobe.o 
> more.o mount.o mv.o pidof.o poweroff.o ps.o pwd.o reboot.o reset.o 
> rm.o rmdir.o sed.o sleep.o sort.o swaponoff.o sync.o syslogd.o tail.o 
> tar.o test.o touch.o true_false.o tty.o umount.o uname.o uniq.o 
> uptime.o wc.o which.o whoami.o xargs.o yes.o  busybox.o usage.o applets.o libbb.a
> ash.o: In function `showjobs':
> ash.o(.text+0xb69c): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
> ash.o: In function `dowait':
> ash.o(.text+0xcd28): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
> ash.o: In function `trapcmd':
> ash.o(.text+0x161ec): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [busybox] Error 1
> How can i solve this problem...
> This could be a great help for me,

Update to fresh (12  day old) version.


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