[BusyBox] undefined reference to `sys_siglist'

Prabhakar Kalasani prabhakar_kalasani at lycos.com
Tue Oct 21 11:58:54 UTC 2003

Hi all,

When i'm trying to compile Busybox-0.60.5 with mips-linux-uclibc , it's giving error like...

[root at Linux5 busybox-0.60.5]# make

mips-uclibc-gcc -s -Wl,-warn-common --static -o busybox ash.o basename.o 
cat.o chgrp.o chmod.o chown.o chroot.o chvt.o clear.o cmdedit.o 
cp.o cut.o date.o dd.o df.o dirname.o dmesg.o du.o echo.o env.o 
find.o free.o grep.o gunzip.o gzip.o halt.o head.o id.o init.o kill.o 
klogd.o ln.o logger.o ls.o lsmod.o mkdir.o mknod.o mkswap.o modprobe.o 
more.o mount.o mv.o pidof.o poweroff.o ps.o pwd.o reboot.o reset.o 
rm.o rmdir.o sed.o sleep.o sort.o swaponoff.o sync.o syslogd.o tail.o 
tar.o test.o touch.o true_false.o tty.o umount.o uname.o uniq.o 
uptime.o wc.o which.o whoami.o xargs.o yes.o  busybox.o usage.o applets.o libbb.a
ash.o: In function `showjobs':
ash.o(.text+0xb69c): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
ash.o: In function `dowait':
ash.o(.text+0xcd28): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
ash.o: In function `trapcmd':
ash.o(.text+0x161ec): undefined reference to `sys_siglist'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [busybox] Error 1

How can i solve this problem...
This could be a great help for me,

Thanks in advance
Prabhakar Kalasani

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