[BusyBox] [patch] micro-bunzip version 3. :)

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Sat Oct 18 02:01:27 UTC 2003

On Thu Oct 16, 2003 at 09:01:52PM -0600, Manuel Novoa III wrote:
> Hello Rob,
> Here's a patch to your bunzip-3.c file.  Nice work btw.
> One minor bug fix... checking for error return when read()ing.
> Some size/performance optimizations as well.  One instance of
> memset() seems unnecssary.  You might want to take a look.
> Anyway, on my machine, decompressing linux-2.6.0-test7.tar.bz2
> to /dev/null gave the following times:
>         bunzip-3.c    bzcat (system)   bunzip-3.c (patched)
> real    0m24.420s     0m22.725s        0m20.701s
> user    0m23.930s     0m22.170s        0m20.180s
> sys     0m0.070s      0m0.080s         0m0.140s
> Size of the patched version is comparable (slightly larger or
> smaller depending on compiler flags).



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