[BusyBox] [PATCH] ftpput/ftpget files from/to stdin/stdout

David Decotigny David.Decotigny at free.fr
Fri Oct 10 08:26:50 UTC 2003


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The patch (against today's cvs on usage.c and ftpgetput.c) adds support 
for sending and receiving files through FTP from/to stdin/stdout. Please 
note that the command line usage has been modified :
   ftpget [options] remote-host local-path-to-file remote-path-to-file
   ftpput [options] remote-host remote-path-to-file local-path-to-file
This allows both the remote and local files to have different names, and 
to send/receive from/to stdin/stdout (file name = "-"). Example:
   ftpput ftp-server /pub/incoming/toto.txt /etc/passwd
To send stdin to a remote file, use:
   ftpput [options] remote-host remote-path-to-file -
To retrieve a remote file to stdout, use:
   ftpget [options] remote-host - remote-path-to-file

I've tested this patch with a wu-ftpd 2.6.2(1) server (debian unstable 
ppc yesterday). It should work as well as before, with only one 
exception in ftpput: we don't CWD before storing the remote file (see 
ftp_send function) anymore. It seems not to be mandatory with my ftpd, 
but restore it if necessary (I did not read the rfc).

Hope this is of any interest. And thanks a LOT for busybox/uclibc !


David Decotigny -- http://david.decotigny.free.fr
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