[BusyBox] dd question (linux kernel bug?)

Pete Flugstad peteflugstad at mchsi.com
Fri Oct 10 19:12:15 UTC 2003

I've got a disk drive that when I tried to dd a partition of it, I got 
a read-error and an error message on the console indicating that I 
tried to read past the end of the device:

   attempt to access beyond end of device
   <device>: rw=0, want=NNN8, limit=NNN4

or something like that.  The want value was always 4 bytes larger than 
the limit value.  It was quite reliable.

Unfortunately, I deleted the partition and now I can't reproduce it - 
  which leads me to think it's some kind of partition error, but I 
used BusyBox fdisk to create the partition in the first place.  And 
can you even create a partition that doesn't end on an even block?

Anyone got any clue?  Searching the LKML was fruitless - lots of 
noise, little signal.


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