[BusyBox] New applets.

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Fri Oct 10 12:14:07 UTC 2003


>> I see, that new applets in the project continue to approve.
>> Can be then it is necessary to include my port "ftp"
>> (interactive full featured client),
>> which I ported 2 years ago for the our project?
> BTW: What is the policy when it comes to (new) busybox applets?
> Which kind of features and applets could be included?
 > Where is the line?

Its busybox's humor ;-) ?

> And which will never included into busybox?
> Examples:
> How about an ssh server? (We do have a telnet server.)

All "minimal ssh" ports is very big. :-(

> How about a simple ftp server?

I use my ftp client after telneting and download/upload files as interactive ;-)

> How about wireless tools?

Its applets have`t specific?

> etc. etc.

No etc. Each personal example for dispute ;-)


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