[BusyBox] [patch] Why busybox xargs is broken.

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Fri Oct 10 10:18:01 UTC 2003


>>Your version works?
> Yes

No. Your idea is full broken.

$ touch a b
$ echo a b | ./busybox xargs_glenn ls
ls: a b: No such file or directory

Your tested for "echo" only ;-)

New version attached:

- support space-delim arg with single and double quoted as config feature
- true support max_chars and max_arg (-s and -n and -x) options
- suport read confirmation from /dev/tty (as config ffeature)
- support option -e[eof_string]
- support null-terminate option (-0, busybox fild applet unsuport this), as feature
- support "\\\n" sequence now
- support -r option with absolytely minimal code size

Result size: 1.5k for minimal features, 2.2k for all featuires.

Please apply to CVS. Do not make my work ;-)

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