[BusyBox] gcc problem in editor/sed.c

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Oct 10 09:22:27 UTC 2003

On Friday 10 October 2003 03:01, Steven Scholz wrote:
> Rob,
> > Possibly what's different about your cross tool chain is gcc is getting
> > different arguments.  Are you feeding it the -ansi or -pedantic switches,
> > perhaps?
> I actually do get the same when _not_ cross compiling but using host gcc
> 2.95.3!
> Steven

By default, gcc 2.95 apparently doesn't allow c++ extensions in C.  I just 
chrooted into an environment that had it and compiled the following.  
Compiling "gcc blah.c" it barfed.  But renamed blah.C (which indicates C++, I 
believe), it took it.

gcc 3.2.2 took it even as "blah.c", it is indeed a change in gcc behavior with 
the new version...

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