[BusyBox] Sed and vi.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Oct 10 09:10:56 UTC 2003

In message <200310100005.16180.rob at landley.net> you wrote:
> You can enter sed commands at the colon prompt of vi.  For example, colon 

This is wrong.

At the colon prompt of vi you can enter ex/vi commands. These may  be
similar to some sed commands, but in general they are not.

> Not that i have a shortage of to-do items, but might it be a good idea someday 
> to merge busybox vi and busybox sed somewhat, to cut down on duplication and 
> add functionality?

There are many things in sed that are  not  available  or  completely
different  in  vi:  {  }  blocks,  : labels, =; other commands behave
differently: a, i, b, t, c, g/G, h/H, n/N, y.

I don't see much potential to merge these  tools  while  keeping  the
standard interface working.

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