[BusyBox] rx, setterm patch

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Thu Oct 9 17:08:54 UTC 2003

> With a little bit of rework, such as integrating busybox 
> style error handling such as error_msg_and_die(), and using 
> functions available in libbb, such as full_write() instead of 
> write_fully(), I would be glad to apply your rx applet.

Good.   I'll make these changes.

> I think the setterm applet, as currently written, would not 
> be acceptible without being significanly rewritten.  It is 
> rather poorly implemented in many place and somewhat bloated 
> still I'm afraid. 

setterm was just a quick cut down of the original code (which I agree was
poorly written).

I don't enough interest in rewriting it, so let's drop it.  If someone wants
it, it's there in the mailing list archive.


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