[BusyBox] Applets Question

Karthik M k_mohanas at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 17:15:02 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to busybox and am trying to understand
how it works. I read the source code and got the feel
of how it works overall but have a basic question.

I tried searching the archive but could'nt find
anything .. did'nt do a very thorough search though.
sorry abt that

The questions is:

in applets.c find_applet_by_name(name) returns the
applet name and applet_using->main() is the function
invoked for every command in there.

for example in the case of mount:

mount->main() function is invoked whenever mount is
called and this function inturn invokes others and
finally do_mount() is invoked inside mount.c.

Inside do_mount() there is a stmt :

status = mount (.....);

i am confused about this above statement and does it
actually call the systemcall mount ?? , if so how does
busybox know to invoke the system call as mount in
this case should again recognize the /bin/mount which
is symlinked to busybox again ??

my confusion is how busybox invokes the appropriate
system call for every binary from its respective

Thanx for all the answers and u'r time


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