[BusyBox] gcc problem in editor/sed.c

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Thu Oct 9 07:36:04 UTC 2003

Steven Scholz wrote:

> editor/sed.c does not compile using (a Cross Tool Chain based on) gcc 
> 2.95.4:
> editors/sed.c: In function `add_cmd':
> editors/sed.c:474: parse error before `int'
> editors/sed.c:475: `temp' undeclared (first use in this function)
> editors/sed.c:475: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> editors/sed.c:475: for each function it appears in.)

There might be more problems when using this style of declaration:

editors/sed.c: In function `parse_subst_cmd':
editors/sed.c:343: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer 
target type
editors/sed.c: In function `add_cmd':
editors/sed.c:465: warning: declaration of `temp' shadows previous local


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