[BusyBox] [patch] Why busybox xargs is broken.

Glenn McGrath bug1 at optushome.com.au
Wed Oct 8 13:20:54 UTC 2003

On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 13:21:49 +0400
"Vladimir N. Oleynik" <dzo at simtreas.ru> wrote:

> - support exit codes as standart xargs utility and warning/exit for
> child exit codes- true support max_chars and max_arg (-s and -n and
> -x) options (with as config feature FANCY_XARGS)
> - support space-delim arg with single and double quoted
> Bugs and unimplemented:
> - unsuport read confirmation from /dev/tty
> - unsupport other options except "-prtx -n max_arg -s max_chars"
> - unsupport "\\\n" sequence.

I think your version can be optimised more, i dont think its necessary to
store the arguments from stdin, xargs_exec() can be run as each argument
is seperated.

Im going to have another go at fixing up my version with some of your
improvments, i will post it to the list for comments.


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