[BusyBox] init difficulties

Steven P Valliere bb at e-visions.com
Tue Oct 7 19:28:52 UTC 2003

I'm trying to use Busybox-1.0-pre3 to build a
little embedded system.  My target is linux 2.4.20
with the RTAI 24.1.11 (adeos-r8) patches applied.
I've actually got most everything working, except
for a few little things...

I'm using init=/mx8800.init to have the kernel run
my own init script so that I can copy my compact
flash filesystem to /shm, then I pivot_root and
run the Busybox init (I found the procedure in this
mailing lists archive, thanks!).  My problems start
when rcS is executing...

I can remount the new root for read only OK.
Then I try 'mount -t proc none /proc' and I get a
"File not found" error.  If I end the script there
and manually enter the mount proc command into the
shell that init starts for me, it works fine.  But
not in rcS.  I also want to use the telnetd server
for simple remote administration, but I know nothing
about telnet servers and the busybox docs are a bit
slim in that area (without even a reference to a
more definitive resource (hint, hint)).

Lastly, I'd like to use insmod to load the RTAI
modules that I need, but that just refuses to work
from a shell script.  I can manually enter the
commands (into the shell) just fine, but when run
as a script, it always tells me it cannot find a
module named '.o' (regardless of the name I use).
Oh, the same script works PERFECTLY when I boot the
'big' kernel and use the bash that came with RedHat
8.0 (that's the other system I can boot on the same

So, in a nutshell, my questions are:

1.  How/when can I mount /proc from rcS?

2.  Where should I look for info on how to set up
    the telnetd service?
3.  Why does busybox seem to hate the RTAI modules
    in scripts?

Steve Valliere

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