[BusyBox] Is httpd capable of file upload ?

Vladimir N. Oleynik dzo at simtreas.ru
Mon Oct 6 11:10:42 UTC 2003


> Vladimir,  I know you've never been a fan of the automatic env variables
> since you don't use them but I would have to disagree strongly with the
> removal of the $CGI_foo variables.  This is becuase users are using this
> feature, it is critical for very low memory/low performance systems to avoid
> having to parse form data, and breaks the original 'lite' notion of httpd.
> If users want a full blown httpd then they should use other options such as
> minihttpd.
> I would instead suggest that looking at the size of the content length of
> the post,  detection of multipart, or size of POST arguments could serve as
> a trigger for removal of the CGI_foo variables.

Ok. This good idea. You can generate patch. You is initial author ;-)
I don`t support "CGI_foo variables" always. ;-)
And "CGI_ARGLIST_" I disagree strongly. ;-)


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