[BusyBox] bzip2 compress support in busybox?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Oct 3 21:12:43 UTC 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 02:58, Glenn McGrath wrote:

> I did the orginal commit for bzip2, i only concentrated on the
> decompression stuff because i figured thats wwhat it would mostly be
> used for.
> As long as there is an option to only support decompression and that
> adding compression doesnt increase the decompression size
> (without good reason) then you have my support.

Yup, the plan is to make "bzip2" be a separate menuconfig option.  (And fix up 
tar to support "tar cj" when bzip2 support is enabled.

To-do list item added...

> Glenn


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