[BusyBox] telnetd doesn't work

DONG-IN KANG dkang at east.isi.edu
Thu Oct 2 20:59:07 UTC 2003




 I'm using busybox v.1.00-pre2 and tinylogin 1.4.

The target machine is PPC-750 based custom board.

Busybox works fine. I manually loaded /usr/sbin/telnetd.

And when I tried to telnet to the machine "Connection closed by foreign
host" occurs.

I visited busybox mailing list and found some suggestions such as creating
ttyp0 ptyp0 and installing tinylogin.

I did them. But it still doesn't work.


 One more problem is NFS mount does not work.

It complains "no such device found".

I could NFS mount from other machine. But not from the machine running Linux
and busybox.


 Any suggestions?






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