[Bug 13776] udhcpc allows short lease to expire

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Fri Apr 30 02:55:12 UTC 2021


--- Comment #2 from Paul <sinbad_4273 at yahoo.com> ---
The modem is supplied by the ISP so I have no control over it. When the modem
boots up it immediately (within seconds) gives the router a private ipv4
address (192.168.x.x) with a 60 second lease. The modem has a web interface on
that private subnet so users can view how efforts to connect to the internet
are coming along as well as some statistics, firmware status...

Once the modem does get online it gives the router a publicly routable IPv4
address with a lease of at least an hour.

With stock router firmware the handoff from the short leased private address to
the long leased public address was fast and smooth. With dd-wrt (which uses
busybox's udhcpc) the handoff is long, shaky and sometimes fails altogether.

I'm not a networking expert and don't even understand what the comment "udhcpc:
ensure at least one unicast renew attempt" means when the change to 122s was
introduced. The short lease does reach zero every time which can't be good.

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