[Bug 13711] Android API 21+ missing definitions for wait3 and issetugid

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Wed Apr 14 19:36:06 UTC 2021


--- Comment #4 from Chris Renshaw <osm0sis at outlook.com> ---
I agree issetugid is a bit extra for this issue. For Android, busybox hush
fails to build due to missing glob. In order to add glob (a much more involved
patch) a dummy definition for issetugid also needed to be added.

/* Wrap wait3() to wait4() for libc implementations without (e.g. Bionic on
ANDROID >= 21) */

Crazy, huh?

The __attribute__((regparm(3),stdcall)) is that CC platform.c error topjohnwu's
patch fixes, which only occurs on Android x86 compiles, admittedly only after
issetugid is added, so may be beyond what you'd want to add.

My intent here was just to make the glob patch easier since busybox already
would have the prerequisites missing Android calls. Anyway, end of the day,
wait3 to wait4 is still important, and I guess you can ignore the rest of the
patches if you like.

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