[Bug 6146] pxe/tftp sends pxelinux.0 to client with corrupted file name - client can't dowload file.

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Tue Jan 15 04:17:44 UTC 2019


--- Comment #5 from Jeff Pohlmeyer <yetanothergeek at gmail.com> ---
I can confirm that

 # option bootfile pxelinux.0
 option 0x43 7078656c696e75782e3000

 # option pxeconffile pxelinux.cfg/default
 option 0xd1 7078656c696e75782e6366672f64656661756c7400

Works for me on at least one of these ancient clients. I have some others to
test but I'm confident this will do the trick.

So I am happy with udhcpd as-is, now that I know about this workaround. Thank

As far as adding some way to specify this in a more human-friendly way, how
about a "-z" command line option to turn on zero-terminators for all strings?
Or maybe just the PXE-related strings? I could see some clients breaking with a
terminator and other clients breaking without it, but a client that demands a
terminator on some strings but not on other strings would really have to be
seriously broken.

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