[Bug 11506] Out of bounds read in udhcp_get_option()

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Fri Jan 4 19:56:25 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Krishna Ram Prakash R <krp at gtux.in> ---
I was originally talking about the exporting of unknown options which on closer
look, I realize it is not an issue and cannot lead to out-of-bounds read as
only the required memory is allocated according to the specified length and is
null terminated. 

But, I also noted that in fill_envp(), subnet option is fetched and stored
without making sure that the length is of 4 bytes. Shouldn't we also check if
the length is 4 if code == DHCP_SUBNET before calling move_from_unaligned()?

 531         temp = udhcp_get_option(packet, code);
 532         *curr = xmalloc_optname_optval(temp, &dhcp_optflags[i], opt_name);
 533         putenv(*curr++);
 534         if (code == DHCP_SUBNET) {
 535             /* Subnet option: make things like "$ip/$mask" possible */
 536             uint32_t subnet;
 537             move_from_unaligned32(subnet, temp);
 538             *curr = xasprintf("mask=%u", mton(subnet));


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