[git commit] Announce 1.30.0

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 31 14:15:18 UTC 2018

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Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux at googlemail.com>
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diff --git a/news.html b/news.html
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@@ -34,6 +34,206 @@
+  <li><b>31 December 2018 -- BusyBox 1.30.0 (unstable)</b>
+    <p><a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.30.0.tar.bz2">BusyBox 1.30.0</a>.
+    (<a href="https://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/?h=1_30_stable">git</a>,
+    <a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/fixes-1.30.0/">patches</a>,
+    <a href="https://busybox.net/fix.html">how to add a patch</a>)</p>
+    <p>Sizes of busybox-1.29.3 and busybox-1.30.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build):<pre>
+   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
+ 941070	    477	   7296	 948843	  e7a6b	busybox-1.29.3
+ 948463	    477	   7296	 956236	  e974c	busybox-1.30.0</pre>
+    </p>
+    <p>Changes since previous release:
+<pre>Andre Goddard Rosa:
+      smemcap: keep outputting by ignoring transient processes
+Baruch Siach:
+      install.sh: don't clobber dangling symlinks
+Bernhard Reutner-Fischer:
+      brctl: use a single buffer for brname and ifname
+      printf: fix printing +-prefixed numbers
+Brandon Maier:
+      ifupdown: support "source-directory" stanza
+Brandon P. Enochs:
+      ntpd: add support for MD5/SHA1 message authentication
+Chen Qi:
+      testsuite: check CONFIG_DESKTOP before using 'od -t'
+Chen Yu:
+      remove_file: don't call rmdir if remove_file return failure
+Christoph Schulz:
+      ash: reset tokpushback before prompting while parsing heredoc
+Denys Vlasenko:
+      libbb: @ in "\x3@" is not a valid hex digit
+      libbb: do not misinterpret 0x10-0x19 chars in "\xNNN" too
+      libbb: fix potential NULL pointer use
+      libbb: fix use-after-free in copy_file
+      libbb: in xmalloc_fgets(), use size_t for bb_get_chunk_from_file()
+      lineedit: fix "defined but not used" sigaction2 warning
+      tls: add support for ECDHE-ECDSA-AES-128-CBC-SHA and x25519 curve
+      tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 cipher
+      tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 cipher
+      tls: add support for 8 more cipher ids - all tested to work
+      tls: in AES-CBC code, do not set key for every record - do it once
+      tls: introduce FEATURE_TLS_SHA1 to make SHA1 code optional
+      tls: simplify hmac_begin(), speed up prf_hmac_sha256()
+      extend fractional duration support to "top -d N.N" and "timeout"
+      Revert "libbb: remove unnecessary variable in xmalloc_fgets"
+      ash: allow shell scripts to be embedded in the binary
+      ash: eval: Restore input files in evalcommand
+      ash: eval: Variable assignments on functions are no longer persistent
+      ash: exec: Return 126 on most errors in shellexec
+      ash: expand: Do not quote backslashes in unquoted parameter expansion
+      ash: expand: Fix ghost fields with unquoted $@/$*
+      ash: parser: Fix parsing of ${}
+      ash: var: Set IFS to fixed value at start time
+      ash,hush: fold shell_builtin_read() way-too-many params into a struct param
+      ash,hush: properly handle ${v//pattern/repl} if pattern starts with /
+      hush: expand_vars_to_list() should not assume it starts new word
+      hush: faster/smaller code to check for presense of multiple chars in string
+      hush: fix another case where empty "for" wasn't setting exitcode to 0
+      hush: fix/explain corner cases of redirection colliding with script fd
+      hush: fix handling of heredocs not enclosed in groups where they are "declared"
+      hush: fix handling of heredocs starting with empty lines
+      hush: fix handling of '' in ${var:+ARG}
+      hush: fix heredoc handling in the "cmd <<EOF ;<newline>" case
+      hush: fix nested redirects colliding with script fds
+      hush: fix "set -x" output prefix overlapping for v="..`cmd`.." case
+      hush: fix word splitting in ${v:+ARG} - dollar_altvalue1 test
+      hush: fix 'x=; echo ${x:-"$@"}' producing 'BUG in varexp2' message
+      hush: handle backslash-newline in heredoc terminators
+      hush: improve set -x: make "+++" indent level increase in `cmd` and eval.
+      hush: improve ${var#...}, ${var:+...} and ${var/.../...} - handle quoting
+      hush: in some cases, expand_on_ifs() relied of uninitialized memory
+      hush: make "set -x" output closer to bash
+      hush: make "set -x" output non-redirectable when fd#2 redirected
+      hush: never glob result of dquoted "${v:+/bin/c*}"
+      hush: set IFS to default on startup
+      hush: speed up ${var:+ARG} for literal ARGs
+      awk: abort if NF set to negative value
+      cat,nl: fix handling of open errors
+      cpio: if longopts are enabled, accept --null (synonym for -0)
+      cp: optional --reflink support
+      date: do not allow "month #20" and such, closes 11356
+      fdisk: sync up with some util-linux 2.31 behavior
+      fdisk: use strtoul[l] instead of atoi, closes 11176
+      find: implement -executable and -quit
+      free: ensure there is a least one space between numbers
+      grep: accept and ignore --color[=anything]
+      gzip: unbreak FEATURE_GZIP_LEVELS, closes 11171
+      hexdump: fix short file of zero bytes treated as dup
+      hexedit: fixes for redraw and down movement causing SEGV on attempt to access
+      init: hopefully fix "rebooting" in containers
+      nbd-client: support newstyle protocol, -b, -d, -p, -N
+      nslookup: add support for search domains, closes 11161
+      ntpd: increase MIN_FREQHOLD by 3
+      ntpd: default to FEATURE_NTP_AUTH=y
+      ntpd: do not SEGV on "-p keyno:", show --help instead
+      ntpd: increase minimum G.FREQHOLD_cnt from 8 to 10
+      ntpd: more verbose message for "root distance too high" case
+      ntpd: show real, unclamped delays on low-latency networks
+      ping: implement -i SEC
+      ping: use setitimer() instead of ualarm()
+      printf: fix printf "%u\n" +18446744073709551614
+      sed: fix double-free in FEATURE_CLEAN_UP code
+      sendmail: use on-stack buffer for AUTH PLAIN
+      smemcap: keep outputting by ignoring transient processes, take two
+      sort: add -V "sort version"
+      svlogd: fix pattern matching when using timestamps
+      tar: fix too eager autodetection, closes 11531
+      tar: handle the case when opened created tarball happens to have fd#0
+      tar: skip 'V' headers (GNU volume label), closes 11526
+      timeout: fix arguments to match coreutils
+      udhcpc: check that 4-byte options are indeed 4-byte, closes 11506
+      udhcpc: do in fact not allow hostname components which start with dash
+      udhcpc: ensure at least one unicast renew attempt
+      udhcpc: give SIGUSR1-induced renew one chance of unicast renew
+      unlzma: fix too-eager corruption check
+      unzip: use printable_string() for printing filenames
+      uptime: add -s support
+      vi: fix FEATURE_VI_REGEX_SEARCH to respect LIMITED (one-line) search
+      wget: fix fetching of https URLs without http proxy
+      wget: print the final newline only for non-tty output
+      wget: print "TLS certificate validation not implemented" only once on redirects
+      whois: fix a possible out-of-bounds stack access
+      xargs: fix exit code if command exits nonzero, closes 11381
+Gavin Howard:
+      bc: new applet
+      dc: a much fuller version which uses bc codebase
+Guillermo Rodriguez:
+      free: add 'available' memory if provided by the kernel
+Jeremy Kerr:
+      udhcp: add option 211, "reboot time"
+Jiří Prchal:
+      examples/udhcp/simple.script: add possibility to use modern "ip"
+Jon Kolb:
+      Add chroot support to chpasswd
+Lauri Kasanen:
+      ls: When -h is passed, the total should also be in human units
+Martin Kaiser:
+      mdev.txt: explain the meaning of a leading "-"
+      .gitignore: add ctags output files
+Peter Korsgaard:
+      sysklogd: add timestamp option to ignore message timestamps
+Raffaello D. Di Napoli:
+      sendmail: fix parsing of addresses in angle brackets
+      sendmail: support AUTH PLAIN in addition to AUTH LOGIN
+Rasmus Villemoes:
+      libbb: optionally honour libc provided SIGRTMIN/SIGRTMAX in get_signum()
+      libbb/u_signal_names.c: don't check errno after bb_strtou
+Ron Yorston:
+      vi: remove duplicated code
+      ash: recognize embedded scripts in SH_STANDALONE mode
+      ash: in tryexec(), ensure we don't try to run embedded scripts as applets
+      lineedit: autocompletion for embedded scripts
+      libarchive: add a function to unpack embedded data
+      ash: minor fixes
+      hush: correct description for HUSH_TICK config option
+      ash: ensure variables are fully initialised when unset
+      Treat custom and applet scripts as applets
+      busybox: add '--show SCRIPT' option to display scripts
+      Ensure build works when KBUILD_OUTPUT is set, closes 11511
+      Tweaks to build process for embedded scripts
+      build system: prevent duplicate applet names
+      docs: add embedded-scripts.txt
+      hush: allow hush to run embedded scripts
+      vi: correctly detect when a deletion empties the buffer
+Rostislav Skudnov:
+      dd: add 'oflag=seek_bytes'
+Thomas De Schampheleire:
+      head: add test case for negative -n invocation
+      head: convert existing tests to new-style
+haroon maqsood:
+      nproc: implement --all --ignore=N
+      chcon: fix issues with recurse and retval for retained files
+    </p>
   <li><b>9 September 2018 -- BusyBox 1.29.3 (stable)</b>
     <p><a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.29.3.tar.bz2">BusyBox 1.29.3</a>.
     (<a href="https://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/?h=1_29_stable">git</a>)</p>

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