[Bug 10381] (patch inside) lineedit: multiline PS1: fix extra scrolls

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Thu Oct 12 16:13:26 UTC 2017


--- Comment #5 from avih <avihpit at yahoo.com> ---
Also, something is weird with the commit. The end of the commit at the repo now
looks like this:

                        /* Control-l -- clear screen */
-                       printf(ESC"[H"); /* cursor to top,left */
-                       redraw(0, command_len - cursor);
+                       /* cursor to top,left; clear to the end of screen */
+                       printf(ESC"[H" ESC"[J");
+                       draw_full(command_len - cursor);

But this new comment: "/* cursor to top,left; clear to the end of screen */" is
not part of this bug and is not at my patch. It belongs to my patch at bug
10376 (and you took the comment but didn't add the escape sequence which add
the clear...)

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