[Bug 10376] (patch inside) lineedit: improve long prompt first redraw, clear screen, ctrl-c cursor

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Fri Oct 6 19:08:05 UTC 2017


--- Comment #1 from avih <avihpit at yahoo.com> ---
Just examples for the issues:

1. Getting the term width earlier:

- Set the prompt to 85 chars and resize the terminal to 90 or 100.
- enter 'ls' to get some output
- press arrow up to fetch 'ls' from history

expected result: the input is 'ls' and the prompt stays on the same line (85
chars prompt + 2 for ls fits at the terminal width).

actual result: the prompt and the input render 1 line higher than expected.

The other side of the same issue: resize the terminal to 60 and set the prompt
width to 70. entering history (same 'ls') will now render one line below the
original rendering (scrolling the terminal up - incorrectly).

The next history navigation don't have this issue because 'redraw(...)'
calculates the height again after it renders, but for the first calculation -
80 was assumed without this patch.

2. for the clear screen patch:

- set the prompt to have few lines, e.g. export PS1="\n\n\n\n$ "
- fill the screen with some output.
- press ^L

expected result: the screen is clean, and "$ " is rendered at the 5th line.

actual result: whatever was on the first 5 lines stay there after the clear.

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