[Bug 10346] Default shell missing

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Wed Oct 4 12:09:15 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Andrej Valek <andrej.valek at siemens.com> ---
(In reply to Denys Vlasenko from comment #1)
I will try to explain it more properly. This method is used in openmebeded.

process for reproduction
make busybox.cfg.suid - creates busybox.cfg.suid
make busybox.cfg.nosuid - busybox.cfg.nosuid

Each of configuration is run over with make oldconfig. It means that suid
configuration has no shell, so ASH is automatically selected like a default. In
nosuid configuration is ASH set.

Previous version selected CONFIG_SH_IS_NONE=y because of default.

This causes:
- /bin/sh in both suid and nosuid version (and obviously we don't want suid
- suid version does have ash, however it is not set as default interpreter

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