[Bug 9821] redirect to file fails ( echo haha > dummy.txt ): "1: Invalid argument"

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Tue Apr 18 01:46:11 UTC 2017


pkass <busybox_001 at kass.at> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from pkass <busybox_001 at kass.at> ---
I did not build it by myself, but used the binary from
Reduced importance to "minor" as this seems to be a rare problem caused by some
weird combinations of issues in my runtime environment.
BTW: tried also versions 1.21.1, 1.16.0 ==> all the same: "sh" and "ash" are
not able to accept redirections of stdout or stderr.
BTW2: I found http://svn.dd-wrt.com/ticket/5784 , so I thought, that might be a
more frequent problem.

I do not have time and resources to investigate it further.

The original motivation to install a newer busybox Version was my search for a
"find" command which supports "-type l" Option.
A "find" script with content: 'busybox_1.26.2 find "$@"' does the job, so, no
further activity expected from my side.

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