[git commit] top: fix help text: with !TERMIOS, no keys are affected top output

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 3 11:09:50 UTC 2016

commit: https://git.busybox.net/busybox/commit/?id=718e4fd564fa99eb17281b6a23aef21652f23af5
branch: https://git.busybox.net/busybox/commit/?id=refs/heads/master

Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux at googlemail.com>
 procps/top.c | 5 ++++-
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/procps/top.c b/procps/top.c
index c66cdb7..71207ba 100644
--- a/procps/top.c
+++ b/procps/top.c
@@ -1042,7 +1042,9 @@ static unsigned handle_input(unsigned scan_mask, unsigned interval)
 //usage:       "Provide a view of process activity in real time."
 //usage:   "\n""Read the status of all processes from /proc each SECONDS"
 //usage:   "\n""and display a screenful of them."
-//usage:   "\n""Keys:"
+//usage:   "\n"
+//usage:       "Keys:"
 //usage:   "\n""	N/M"
 //usage:                IF_FEATURE_TOP_CPU_USAGE_PERCENTAGE("/P")
 //usage:                IF_FEATURE_TOP_CPU_USAGE_PERCENTAGE("/T")
@@ -1062,6 +1064,7 @@ static unsigned handle_input(unsigned scan_mask, unsigned interval)
 //usage:   "\n""	Q,^C: exit"
 //usage:   "\n"
 //usage:   "\n""Options:"
+//usage:	)
 //usage:   "\n""	-b	Batch mode"
 //usage:   "\n""	-n N	Exit after N iterations"
 //usage:   "\n""	-d N	Delay between updates"

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