[Bug 8466] ash parses test parameters

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Sun Nov 15 20:34:16 UTC 2015


--- Comment #1 from bugdal at aerifal.cx 2015-11-15 20:34:16 UTC ---
Here is the specification:

The text explaining why bb ash's behavior is wrong:

"3 arguments:

- If $2 is a binary primary, perform the binary test of $1 and $3.

- If $1 is '!', negate the two-argument test of $2 and $3.

- [OB XSI] [Option Start] If $1 is '(' and $3 is ')', perform the unary test of
$2. [Option End]  On systems that do not support the XSI option, the results
are unspecified if $1 is '(' and $3 is ')'.

- Otherwise, produce unspecified results."

In the case of this bug, $2 is the binary primary =. Thus the first rule takes
precedence. BB ash is wrongly giving the third rule for the obsolescent parens

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