[Bug 8411] Directory traversal via crafted tar file which contains a symlink pointing outside of the current directory

bugzilla at busybox.net bugzilla at busybox.net
Tue Nov 10 00:26:27 UTC 2015


--- Comment #9 from Tyler Hicks <tyhicks at canonical.com> 2015-11-10 00:26:27 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Created attachment 6206 [details]
> Patch for busybox 1.22.0 v4
> Oh, good catch.
> Instead of matching ".." anywhere ("..foo" is totally valid after all!), I'm
> also now just matching on a literal ".."

Good point regarding "..foo". I guess that means that
strstr(file_header->link_target, "../") will unintentionally match a target of

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